Multiple framebuffers in Jitter

    Feb 20 2017 | 8:44 pm
    Is there any known issue when using multiple framebuffers in Jitter or in Lua? We have very unexpected result. Basically we are doing a bind and unbinding Loop like this:
    for k,v in pairs(visibleSquareKeys) do for key,value in pairs(Slabs[v]) do if true then -- use texout as framebuffer["out"].name) -- bind["in"].name, 0) -- draw Meshs[v][key]:drawraw() -- unbind["in"].name, 0) -- release framebuffer["out"].name)
    -- swap slab swapSlab(value) end end end
    It seems that Jitter has problems using multiple framebuffers. We are only able to see one framebuffer. Any help will be much appreciated!

    • Feb 22 2017 | 5:32 pm
      hi pis pas. the only way i can do any debugging or support for is if i have the patch and lua source file. please zip them up and attach here, and i'll see if there's a way to get what you want.