Multislider double bang problem

    Feb 01 2021 | 10:17 am
    Hello max community,
    I am a hobby patcher. While patching a chromatic bass line that changes every 4 bars using a multislider, I figuered out a strange behaviour. The patch produces 2 bangs when changing to a new pattern. Can someone help me to solve this? I mhave no clue.
    Thanks in advance

    • Feb 01 2021 | 1:04 pm
      check what counter hit maximum flag outputs capture or append into message, or simply read help file
      in general, when running step sequencers, one should set new values between last and first beat of the sequence, without triggering any output
    • Feb 01 2021 | 3:43 pm
      Thank you source audio! For beginner it is often these simple things that let us do things in a wrong. Maybe it is the missing experience... that comes with the the years of patching
    • Feb 01 2021 | 3:58 pm
      You are welcome. I could tell you quite few stories about my mistakes with simple things, even after years of patching. But that way things remain fun.
    • Feb 01 2021 | 4:03 pm
      Just insert [change] object after counter-carry
      Just insert [change] object after counter-carry
    • Feb 01 2021 | 4:04 pm
      ... well that gives me courage I sometimes feel a bit overwhelmed by max with all it's possibilities fortunately one can clarify some questions in this forum