Muting the audio processing of an [mcs.matrix~] object

    Feb 13 2019 | 12:35 am
    Hi folks,
    I instantiated an [mcs.matrix~] object with 1 input and 256 outputs. I am trying to take the audio processing of the [mcs.matrix~] object in/out of the DSP chain.
    Normally, in order to do that, I would put my patcher in an [mc.poly~] object. However that approach doesn’t work here because the output of the [mc.poly~] object only carries as many channels as there are voices instantiated. In my case there is only one voice, so out of the [mc.poly~] object my multichannel audio signal only carries 1 signal instead of 256.
    I tried using the [mc.voiceallocator~] object and its busymap features but this approach doesn’t work either because the [mcs.matrix~] object doesn’t have an @usebusymap attribute.
    How would you guys deal with this issue? What technique would you use to mute the processing of an [mcs.matrix~ 1 256] object?
    Thanks for any help.
    - Luigi

    • Feb 14 2019 | 2:46 am
      I don't think there is currently a way to do this.