my first max device - need some help with the graphic design

    Jun 24 2022 | 7:58 pm
    Hi all - just created my first max device - a cc converter/mapper - it can convert up to 8 cc channels. The reason I made it is that I have couple of x/y pads on my phone that i use to control x/y pads in kontakt and other VSTis. While you can set the cc channels of the pads on the phone, its a bit of a faff to do it every time i change vst with pads using different CCs. Also "midi learn" with pads is trick as once you touch the pads it broadcast on both CC channels.
    So now I can have my phone pads set on CCs 31-34 and just use the max device to convert the CC numbers.
    Anyway it all works fine but its ugly. I want to upload it for others to use so want to make sure it looks ok and easy to understand
    there are three columns - "CC in" which you can change which CC numbers you want to convert, "CC out" (what CC number they will be converted to) and a third column of buttons - the idea is that you can press to send a cc message (on the channel post conversion) that helps with "midi learn" features on VSTis