nested urns headscratcher--solution with dict or js?

    Jan 17 2018 | 8:25 pm
    I have a folder with many folders inside-- each 'inner' folder contains a different number of audio samples. The 'outer' folder is loaded into a umenu object. An urn object picks one of the 'inner' folders and loads it into another umenu. The number of samples is counted and sets the range of an urn object attached to the 'inner' umenu, which is banged and loads the selected sample. Suppose on the first cycle of the 'outer urn' inner folder 1 is picked, and sample 1 is picked from that folder. How to ensure that the second time folder 1 is picked--i.e all other 9 inner folders have been picked-- that sample 1 in folder 1 is not picked until all other samples from folder 1 have been picked? As it works now each time folder 1 is loaded the urn starts from scratch again...

    • Jan 22 2018 | 10:25 pm
      In all cases, the urn attached to your inner folder will have to keep track of where they're at. So the easiest way I can think of would be to pre-scan all your folders and instanciate as many urns as you need (e.g. in a poly~), then pick in the corresponding urn.
    • Jan 22 2018 | 10:58 pm
      thanks Vincent-- that's the route I'm taking now.