No Audio from poly~ FM synth

    Dec 09 2012 | 1:00 am
    O.k., I have this patch (part of which I posted for another topic regarding function reset) that I can no longer get audio out of. I am not sure if it has something to do with it being encapsulated but I have not been able to track down the problem.
    The basic structure right now is I send EVENT numbers to the patcher "poly-synth" which contains the poly~ "cyclesynth(FM)". You can advance by using the space bar. EVENT 5 has the most dense frequency content at the moment.
    I just need to get the audio from the poly~ synth out to the reverb -> live.gain.
    Main Patch:
    Cyclesynth(FM) Patch:

    • Dec 09 2012 | 7:52 pm
      Just looking really quickly, I noticed that you don't have your signal, within your poly~ object, connected to the thispoly~ object. I'm not sure if this is required for thispoly~ to work, but that's how it's used in the tutorials for non-signal inputs.
    • Dec 09 2012 | 10:42 pm
      That makes sense so I went back and took a look at the tutorial. I realized I didn't have the line~ attached to the mute message going to the thispoly but I still do not have audio signal.
    • Dec 09 2012 | 11:51 pm
      I would start putting in meter~ and print objects to debug and find where the break is. Start from the last object, the "out~ 1", and work your way backwards.
    • Dec 12 2012 | 12:15 am
      Still not working. I cannot narrow down the problem. I went back to the original patch (the FM synth from Tutorial 11) hoping that perhaps I had goofed it up but I still cannot get audio. it works fine if I use this Simple synth I have posted below but nothing with the FM. To test just plug the Simple synth or the FM synth in the poly~
      Any help would be great.
      Here is the main patch:
      Here is the poly patch with the FM synth:
      Simple Synth:
    • Feb 05 2013 | 7:27 pm
      O.k., still having issues with this poly~. I cannot get audio with it which I am sure is related to the envelopes being sent with the "p modndx". You can see that there is a signal coming from simpleFM inside the poly~ but nothing once it goes through *~.Right now I just have modndx controlling the envelope and mod rate.
      What am I missing here?
      Top patch:
      -- Pasted Max 6.0.7 Patch, click to retract. -- Copy all of the following text.Then, in Max, select New From Clipboard. Poly patch:
      -- Pasted Max 6.0.7 Patch, click to retract. -- Copy all of the following text.Then, in Max, select New From Clipboard.
    • Feb 05 2013 | 10:28 pm
      The problem is your [p modndx] is not sending anything: it just sends the "target 0" message. You need a [trigger] object to first bang the message and then route the values, like this
      I don't have time to investigate now, but you may also need to re-check the way you output values from the [function] object, because, as it is now, the "dump" outlet will output a list of values ending with 0, while I believe that you'll want to follow an envelope instead.
    • Feb 06 2013 | 4:29 pm
      Thanks for this. Kind of a "duh" moment for me. I also realized I didn't have anything triggering the colls as well. Nice little oversight. Still not getting audio but at least have that weak link fixed.
    • Feb 06 2013 | 4:33 pm
      Yahoo!!! Fixed it. Thanks much, LSka.