Open reference page shortcut

    Jan 26 2020 | 10:10 pm
    On the shortcut list here there is a section titled "Viewing help files and reference pages", but its content is only showing how to open the help file and not the reference page. Is there a shortcut to open the reference page directly?

    • Jan 27 2020 | 3:58 am
      Thanks @Namakemon On the mac it is cmd+shift+R. And the context menu does not show the shortcuts. I'm wondering if it shows another shortcut for the helpfile. (actually can you just post your context menu here, so I can see how much of it I am missing?) Thx.
    • Jan 27 2020 | 5:50 pm
      Thank you again, @Namakemon. On the mac this is "Cmd+Shift+H". And I realized that although it does not show up on the context menu, these 2 shortcuts appear under the Help menu. (live and learn)