@originaltempo issues (buffer replace groove)


    carlos de anda
    May 28 2023 | 12:36 am
    I have a weird problem that's been completely messing with my patches and I can't figure out why.
    I have a patch where use groove to play several samples. Throughout the performance I play with the tempo. I have done this before without problems but this patch specifically is acting strange. Since I want all my samples to follow the tempo I first start with "groove~ kick @followglobaltempo 1 @originaltempo 180 @loop 1 @mode rhythmic @quality good @timestretch 1". The first sample bank is fine, then I use a "replace" message to the buffer kick to change the sample. Then I load a third sample bank that was recorded at a different tempo, and so I use the "originaltempo 150" message to the groove object to adjust the samples to the global tempo. The first time I do this its fine but when loading the fourth bank it automatically changes the originaltempo of the groove to some weird number like 43.92834 and I don't understand why if I'm not sending any other "oringinaltempo" messages to the groove. It looks as if the groove object is trying to guess the original tempo of my samples but it completely messes up everything. On top of that I try sending "originaltempo 150" message right after loading the samples but it doesn't respond automatically as it does in other scenarios. The only way I got it to work was using a delay object to delay the "originaltempo" message but that doens't work since it plays the screwed up samples for a bit before adjusting them. I enabled debugging and the message order is right, the samples are loaded and then I send "originaltempo 150" but it still goes to that strange number.
    Any ideas why it's doing this?
    Thanks so much I wasn't able to figure out why it was doing that but I re-did the patch and I found a way around it.