OSC data to communicate with DAW

    Aug 24 2021 | 5:53 pm
    Hi guys,
    Im working on a projekt in which I am kinda stuck. Let me sum it up real qucik: With the help of a vibration sensor, data is supposed to be collected from your keyboard, more specific: Your keystrokes. The data is being collected in Max. The more keystrokes the sensor notices, the higher the value of the integer box is becoming (with a certain Threshhold ofc). With that data, I want to send OSC messages to my DAW (Cubase or Logic Pro X, choice varies with practicality) to turn on and off Sound tracks with the following principle: The more keystrokes the sensore notices, the more hyped up the music gets (by turning on the "hyped" tracks" and turning off the "chill" tracks and vice versa). So you're supposed to be able to manipulate the music in realtime by writing faster and more efficiently. Problem is: I have no idea how to communicate from Max/MSP to my DAW with OSC. I would really appreciate if someone's out there who has gathered some experience concerning this very specific "issue".
    Thank you very much!