outlet_rm: wasn't in table & chainapply errors

    Oct 18 2010 | 1:22 pm
    What do those errors mean (and BTW what does a blue background in Max' window mean?)
    I found this topic (and others) https://cycling74.com/forums/outlet_rm-wasnt-in-table but it didn't help much.
    In my case, I have those messages when dynamically deleting buffers. Depending on the way I use my patch, I got a outlet_rm or a chainapply error.
    It's a bit difficult now to do a reduced patch (and I don't have much time), but if somebody @ c74 needs one, I 'll do my best.
    Latests Max and OSX.

    • Oct 27 2010 | 4:01 pm
      Nobody seemed to care, so I started a mail to support@cycling.com and while preparing a patch for them, I had an idea:
      those errors a sent to the Max window when an object associated with a pvar is deleted (thru scripting but also by hand in edit mode).
      The soluition is to first send a setname message to the pvar instance before deleting the object.
      Try in pvar.maxhelp: click on setname funny, go in Edit mode and delete the green number box, you'll get a "outlet_rm: wasn't in table" error.