Pattr, bpatchers and data comms

    May 17 2018 | 7:23 am
    Hi all,
    I'm really finding myself swimming in a sea of unknowns - being not that great with Max. Slowly getting there thru reading this forum and 100's of help pages.
    Anyway. After trying in vain in a few sessions to get the following working, I thought I might run it past those more knowledgable than myself... :)
    See attached little project (3 patches)
    Some parts I've figures out nicely. The tabbed interface using really simple scripts to show / hide the two different windows. One window is for setting variables for each of the 10 layers, and the second window will be a UI for some actual playback. The second window is just a placeholder for now. I just was mucking around with getting the tabs working nicely.
    My question revolves around pattrstorage, autopattr and bpatcher. I've read thru a tonne of threads here, and downloaded a few example projects. I even essentially ended up copying one, only to see extremely different behaviour in mine.
    So I'm guessing that I've missed something entirely.
    What I'm trying to get is 6 sets of variables - saving them in the six preset slots. Each set of variables contains some "global" variables (in the master patch) - which work all fine. But they also need to store the variables inside the L# bpatchers. (And all the variables need to be seen in the P# bpatchers - thats part 2!
    At the moment, the variables don't seem to be stored for each layer. I'm guessing I'm just not referring to them properly / missing one key piece of information... can anyone work out what it is?
    Second - is there a way to NOT have the pattrstorage store which layer tab is selected? I'm guessing thats occuring because of autopattr... but when I tried different ways to exclude it, it just didn't work. Thats secondary and something I'll probably figure out myself... but just trying to save a little time.
    Hope this is clear. I've tried to make the patch fairly readable.
    Any help is very much appreciated. I'm here if something doesn't make sense.... :)

    • May 17 2018 | 2:21 pm
      You have to refer the [preset] object to the named pattrstorage. Otherwise preset uses its own storagesystem. All interface objects that don't have a scripting name will not be included in pattrstorage. Maybe this will help explain:
    • May 18 2018 | 10:16 am
      Oh many many thanks. I was going round in circles. I don't know how I missed this in help files - but it works a treat! One quick other question... now you've fixed my issue... I'm wondering a little bit more about the way the data is stored / read. The data in each of the bpatchers is stored / recalled great. But what if I wish to grab the data stored from L1 in P1, L2 in P2, L3 in P3 etc? Say I just want to the hi/low values from one of the rsliders inside P1 that is stored from the UI object in L1. Given the way I've set it up, is there a simple way of doing this? Or have I set things up in an overly complex / messy way? Any ideas appreciated. Cheers. B.