Please help!

    Mar 15 2017 | 6:08 pm
    I'm a complete beginner at Max, and recently began experimenting with it for a photography installation I'm creating. However, I'm a bit overwhelmed, so I would greatly appreciate any help or pointers.
    I'm currently working on a photo-project, in which I'm photographing every minute of 24 hours. For the presentation, I need a way of having the images going across a screen (1080p resolution), and hitting the center of the screen at the time it was taken. Please see the illustration I have attached.
    So, the photograph I took at 16:47, will at 16:47 hit the center of the screen, followed by 16:48 and so on. I don't want the actual photographs to be fullscreen, but have a resolution of 460x345px. I have experimented with "" objects, and using "jit.videoplane" objects to place images within the screen. However, I am struggling with how to get any further.
    I know this is a lot of stuff, and a lot to ask. But I would be ever grateful for any help!

    • Mar 17 2017 | 6:09 am
      try this: set up 3 videoplanes and change their position so that only 2 are visible at any one time: when a plane is not visible, that's when you load in another image. here's a method using output of line to synchronize the videoplanes' positions :
      the image loading would be done at the 20-second mark of each minute, ie HH:MM:20 the line would be started at the 40 second mark of each minute there's a time of day object called date have the file path's of your images loaded into a coll which is indexed according to the time of day