Polyphonic piano roll display

    Apr 21 2018 | 10:25 am
    Does anyone know if a simple piano-roll like display has been developed for max?
    I've been searching on the forums and all i can find is not exactly what i'm searching for. I came across note~, which seems somehow deprecated and mac only, the detonate object for max which has a graphica interface but which cannot be used when compiling a standalone, live.step which is just monophonic... and a bunch of externals which are either not free or overcomplicated.
    I just found this m4l midi looper: https://isotonikstudios.com/product/note-looper-dynamic-midi-looping/ which has a minimalistic note display very similar to what i'm searching for. Unfortunately that is closed source and can't be recycled.
    I just want a display, so no need for editing notes or mouse clicking. It's just for visualization purposes. I guess that might be something doable using jitter... Any ideas? does anyone know if there's some example around to start with? I'll be happy to develop something like it, but i think i need a first hint....
    (by the way, i guess that once done, going from the simple display to something more "artistic" or sophisticated like this wouldn't be that hard: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LlvUepMa31o) (my god, i love that project!)
    Thank you everybody!!!!