Possible attrui+comment bug?

    Mar 03 2017 | 9:45 pm
    for no reason (so it seems) bgcolor (attrui) for the comment object doesn't receive colors... See patch below, everything should turn pink when I hit the message right?
    I'm using Max 7.3.0 on a mac

    • Mar 05 2017 | 4:28 pm
      On my machine, Max 7.3.2 on MacOS 10.2.3, the bgcolor attribute of the comment object works fine but it's the textcolor attribute that can't be set by a message, although textcolor can be set with the color wheel in the attrui, or via the Fonts dialog box and the attrui will then reflect that change. I note that 'textcolor' is not listed in the reference manual as an attribute of the comment object, so I suspect that this anomaly of not responding to a textcolor message is due to a bug in the comment object. You can report bugs to support.
    • Mar 05 2017 | 4:38 pm
      Hmm. I just experimented a bit further and found that the 'textcolor' message doesn't work if just RGB information is provided. It appears to work only with RGBA.