Pro Tools 11, HUI, and a dream...

    Nov 27 2013 | 8:27 pm
    Hello Everyone,
    I'm new here and for quite some time I have been digging for a way to connect my JL Cooper ES 8/100 control surfaces to Pro Tools. I have talked to many people, gotten as much information and research done as possible on the web and feel I have gotten so close, yet so far. At this point, I have seen that at least 3 times between 2008 and 2013, some MaxMSP users have attempted to "emulate" the HUI protocol in Pro Tools, what appears to be successfully. I have tried to use these patches hoping to at least get Pro Tools to stop complaining that it isn't connected to a HUI interface. Here are links to some of the user patches I have found and had futile attempts using...
    These users appear to have successfully gotten these to work properly. I have not and could use a little guidance, or even some serious help from some expert users here on the forums.
    What I am trying to accomplish would be to use MaxMSP exclusively for sending MIDI information from my control surfaces to Pro Tools, and vice versa. The only hang up that seem to be preventing this is, again, fooling Pro Tools into thinking it's HUI connection is solid. My control surfaces are properly sending all MIDI information for the faders and buttons, and my original intentions were to use Bome's Midi Translator to convert those messages if need be... however I am finding MaxMSP much more powerful. I've just scratched the surface of this program, and not very hip on how to use it... which is why I'm reaching for help.
    This new version of PT only utilizes two protocols via MIDI at this point, HUI, and Command 8, which is a Digidesign control surface. So, I would need to work with one or the other, HUI seeming more easily accessible. Motormix is no longer available.
    If anyone out there is willing to give a hand, please Please email me at Pro Tools 11 is available to trial for 30 days, however the only catch is that you need and Ilok. Download the trial here...
    Thanks for reading, and I hope some of you will be able to assist me in my project.

    • Nov 29 2013 | 1:55 pm
      you need to echo the note message pt is sending to check if a hui device is connected - C0 i think it is. just send it back to pt and it should be happy.
    • Nov 29 2013 | 6:28 pm
      I am running both PT 10.3.7 and 11.2 on two separate computers. Last night I attempted to run the patch from the third link I posted in my original topic above with PT 10.3.7.... With Success!! That version of PT accepted the patch and stopped with the error messages that it was not connected to HUI. Now, I need to retry this with my studio computer and PT11, which the control surfaces are connected to. If it still won't jive, I suppose the most logical step would be to just use 10.3.7 exclusively.
      I did notice however, that PT sends a midi message of 90 00 00 to the control surface, and MaxMSP responds with 90 00 7f. I know these midi messages aren't used in Max (it's more like 144 0 127??) so I need to learn the appropriate codes. These are the only message I see, and wondering why in the patch what all the extra routing and coding is doing, if anything.
      I'll let you know how it works out
    • Apr 06 2014 | 6:12 am
      Yes, please do! I would like to be able to get around to this, but hasn't happened yet...