Programatic Clip Envelope Editing??

    Sep 27 2017 | 3:16 pm
    I'm trying an idea to use the clip envelopes as a way to store presets to clips. I think that the clip automation is the way that Ableton intends for clips to start with distinct parameters, but editing them can be cumbersome.
    There seem to be no LOM calls for editing clip envelopes the way that there are for clip notes.
    What's the reasoning behind that? Was it that recording is the intended method to automate things?

    • Mar 08 2020 | 2:46 pm
      Same issues, did you find something interesting? Thanks
    • Mar 08 2020 | 5:46 pm
      I haven't been looking into it. I went with having a single rack of parameters that are always mapped to the main controls on my setup and didn't use the clip envelopes for those.
    • Jun 30 2020 | 8:31 am
      Same here. Looking for functions to get/set/observe envelope data from clip. It would just be a list with x/y values, right?