ReaCoMa - A port of the FluCoMa max externals for your favourite DAW

    Jul 16 2020 | 2:18 pm
    Hi everyone, I've been working on a project, ReaCoMa ( that ports the wonderful FluCoMa Max objects ( into REAPER. The tools themselves open up pathways for new methods of sound exploration and fluid decomposition. Currently there are algorithms for: - Non-negative matrix factorisation (blind source separation) - Harmonic percussive source separation - Transient extraction - Sinusoidal resynthesis - Novelty slicing - Two amplitude slicers - Transient slicing - Spectral slicing and more to come with the continued development of the FluCoMa toolboxes. I wanted to be able to prototype workflows in Max and then apply them as creative sound design or post-production techniques inside REAPER which motivated me to start the project in the first place. ReaCoMa might also act as a gateway drug to the Max tools if you're a DAW first type of person. What I hope to do by sharing the project here is to bridge both of these workflows and create some cross pollination between the various people that sit in each camp. I've also started to issue tutorials for ReaCoMa which cover a number of topics including installation, usage and detailed insight into the algorithms which could function as a useful resource if you're interested more generally in this area. If you're interested and not sure where to start there are two options: 1. Tutorial Series -> 2. Thanks everyone and any questions are welcome here or at my e-mail

    • Jul 16 2020 | 2:42 pm
      I have to say that these are still used daily by yours truly, so they are very much more than a gateway drug to the Max/SuperCollider/Pd objects :)
    • Jul 16 2020 | 8:39 pm
      Wow. Thanks very much, James.