Record Jitter in a MFL device with OBS via Spout

    Feb 02 2021 | 10:50 pm
    Hey everyone, a recent post here alerted me to the somewhat tricky steps needed to record output in Max (or Live) with a Spout enabled app like OBS. I made a quick walkthrough video of the process that will hopefully be helpful to others.

    Record Jitter output from Ableton Live with OBS and Spout

    This demo walks through the steps necessary to record Jitter output from a Max-for-Live device inside Ableton Live with OBS (or any Spout capable recording software). The same technique can be used to stream from OBS as well.
    The main caveat to remember is that all software used in the Spout signal chain must be set to use the high performance GPU. This is only applicable to machines with multiple GPUs, which is the case for many laptops with a Nvidia or AMD GPU.
    Once that is set and verified we ensure that OBS is receiving a texture at the correct dimensions by adjusting the @dim attribute to match those in OBS, and add a object to the patch to ensure the scene's viewport is correct for the texture dimensions we are sending.