Reverse of sprintf? / Converting formatted message from string

    Aug 21 2013 | 3:46 am
    Hello, well this is infuriatingly simple but I cannot come up with any ideas perhaps due to my limited understanding of sprintf / C+
    I have a M4L patch pasted below where I want to trigger a bang when a formatted message crosses a threshold. I am successfully doing this but I'm curious if it is possible another way...
    In this case I want to know if I can take a message in the format hour:min:sec:ms like 00:00:30:000 and unpack that the way fromsymbol works with a message like "blah yah boo." Am I insane or are these colons a problem? I've looked at regex too but cannot get that to work. The doc on sprintf below suggests sscanf is what I'm looking for perhaps, but in the Max world?
    As always, thanks for any help on informing me of what an idiot I am.

    • Aug 21 2013 | 7:00 am
      You can hit it from two angles.. Either create a list from the sprintf'd format with regexp or bypass the sprintf formatting and output a secondary list of time values from the subpatch. In either case, sel isn't gonna hack it. match is the ticket.
      - -