Rust bindings - median

    Jul 23 2021 | 5:19 pm
    Still a work in progress so, use at your own risk, but here is some Rust code that exposes the max-sdk as a rust -sys library and also adds some higher level constructs for creating externals and interacting with the sdk. Here is a very basic code example, implementing a Max external.
    use median::{
        atom::Atom, builder::MaxWrappedBuilder, max_sys::t_atom_long, object::MaxObj, post,
        symbol::SymbolRef, wrapper::*,
    median::external! {
        pub struct Example;
        impl MaxObjWrapped<Example> for Example {
            fn new(builder: &mut dyn MaxWrappedBuilder<Self>) -> Self {
                let _ = builder.add_inlet(median::inlet::MaxInlet::Proxy);
        impl Example {
            pub fn bang(&self) {
                let i = median::inlet::Proxy::get_inlet(self.max_obj());
                median::object_post!(self.max_obj(), "bang from inlet {}", i);
            pub fn int(&self, v: t_atom_long) {
                let i = median::inlet::Proxy::get_inlet(self.max_obj());
                post!("int {} from inlet {}", v, i);
            pub fn list(&self, atoms: &[Atom]) {
                post!("got list with length {}", atoms.len());
            pub fn baz(&self, sel: &SymbolRef, atoms: &[Atom]) {
                post!("got any with sel {} and length {}", sel, atoms.len());

    • Jul 25 2021 | 6:30 am
      Amazing, thanks! I was just wondering yesterday if anyone had tried this.