save the patch to disk from within

    Sep 09 2021 | 5:52 pm
    Maybe I misunderstand it, but it say that the message 'write' followed by a file name (for example: write my new piece) connected to a this patcher object should save the file to disk. I cannot manage to get it done. I get the message 'patcher: extra arguments for message "write"'. Any idea, where I am wrong? Thanis

    • Sep 09 2021 | 7:22 pm
      You are wrong only in 1 thing - to trust that everything written in Max Reference pages is true. message write to thispatcher object never worked as described, at least not to my knowledge.
    • Sep 09 2021 | 7:25 pm
      hahaha, cool... thanks. I think this not the only thing that does not work or at least is 'handycapped'...