scale and position related coordinates in GL

    May 19 2020 | 2:37 am
    Hi all, i'm very surprised with this tonight. can you reproduce it? here's a very simple patch.
    a plane (scale 1. 1.) next to another exact same plane. Left plane's position is 0. 0. The x-axis offset of the right plane, has to be 2., in order to get them next to eachother, without overlapping. Why isn't it simply 1. ? I'm thinking something's wrong, somewhere, in my settings. i can't see what ... Thanks for your clues ... :)

    • May 20 2020 | 3:50 pm
      the default size of a plane is 2 units, -1 to 1 on X and Y axes, so to place 2 planes next to each other you move one plane 2 units