second universe on DMXUSBPRO MK2, let's get it once and for all !

    Oct 21 2019 | 10:17 am
    Hi all, I'm sure we're quite a number of max users, needing that dammned 2nd output, to be accessible from max. Here's a workaround, thanks to the vvvv community, and especially west and mfo users. The second output needs to be enabled with some code, that i don't manage to program in max. But this can be done, simply launching pro-manager (ENTTEC utility). 0-Launch PRO-MANAGER app 1- Select your device. 2-Go to the "send" tab 3-Output some data, on "both outputs 1&2" . (for example, simply select "from faders" in the "source" undertab). and it's done. You should see your device blinking blue-yellow-green. second output is now accessible from Max. once you've done so, you can use a serial object (with no attribute, it's working here) and send : for first universe --> 126 6 513 2 0 (512 values) 231 for 2nd universe --> 126 19 513 2 0 (512 values) 213
    I'm adding an example patch . If anybody here, feels the ability to patch an "all-in-max solution" , that would get us rid of launching Pro-Manager, please share it here , it would be so cool ! mfo and west (vvvv users) managed to do so. here is a link to the file that enables it in vvvv. The solution is in it, for those who can interpret the lines . Cheers all :) Matthieu