Select Parameter Value based on value change - Tap Tempo Input OR Control Knob

    Jun 09 2021 | 12:58 pm
    Hi, I am adapting a simple delay and want to be able to use either a control knob to manually select a delay time OR override that value with a tap tempo calculation, within a Gen object. I have been trying multiple methods using 'change' and conditional statements in 'codebox' to detect an input change in either control method but cannot work out how to use that info to then control a switch/selector to decide what value to use. I found the method below that works well outside of gen but I am not advanced enough to re-create it within gen.
    The Two inputs would be either the value from an external param knob [param knob1-len @min 0 @max 1] or the output from a generic tap tempo adaption. See Below.
    Many thanks for your help. Ade

    • Jun 15 2021 | 10:18 pm
      Hi, I have worked this out. I ended up putting a change operator on the output of each control parameter. This then fed into a codebox where in1 non zero returned 2 and in2 non zero returned 3. This was then fed to a latch operator that held the last recieved non-zero number. I cant believe this took me soo long to work out. Im glad i kept at it as I learnt:) Ade