serial object very slow to initiate, in max8

    Feb 17 2019 | 7:08 pm
    hi all , i'm founding serial object, extremely slow to nitiate. 5 seconds, approximatively. i often use it, and sometimes a lot of them (up to dozens) launching a patch with 4 serial objects, takes 4 times the time it normally takes (which is already "long" in Max8) i've never had this issue with max7. can you reproduce that, maxers ? is there something i could do, in order to speed up that ? i'm on 10.11.6, MBP 2015 everything was fine, until updating to max8. i don't want to go back to Max7, as i find Max8 really "better", in many cases, but the "serial object" case, is quite important to me ... anyway, cheers :) mat

    • Feb 21 2019 | 1:52 pm
      just in order to know if the problem comes from my computer (MBP 2015), would some of you, just check the time it takes, to open a simple patch, with only 4 serial objects, in max 8.0.3 ? it's taking between 21 and 25 seconds, here. which is too long ...
      here is the patch. how long does it take to your computers ? interesting, will be to know your OS, of course... thanks for your time ! Mat