set light_position in

    Jan 17 2019 | 7:46 pm
    How do I set light_position in It does not accept it as an attribute. I tried adding jit.render to the patch, but Max crashed when I started

    • Jan 17 2019 | 9:23 pm
      Note: The effect of position change is not always visible. Type point shows most intuitive response.
      Max Patcher
      In Max, select New From Clipboard.
    • Jan 18 2019 | 3:39 am
      Thank you for your detailed response. Let me clarify. When you use either jit.render or, a single light source is included without explicitly specifying. With jit.render, that source is moved with the light_position attribute:
      Max Patcher
      In Max, select New From Clipboard.
      What is the equivalent in
      Max Patcher
      In Max, select New From Clipboard.
    • Jan 18 2019 | 3:45 am
      Martin, in your example, when I disable both light sources, there is an implicitly declared light source still operating; but if I enable one of the explicit sources, the implicitly declared source disappears. So this might be my solution, but it would still be good to understand how to manipulate the implicit source.
    • Jan 18 2019 | 7:02 am
      I have no experience with the light_position attribute of I would recommend using with explicitly declared light sources. (Adding one of them to a world will disable the default light.) The light type "directional" may not show changes to all positions as far as I understand the physics behind it.
      For an example of lights you might also see the Jitter sneak peak video at around 2:12
    • Jan 18 2019 | 3:44 pm
      Ah, the sendrender message eluded me while I was searching for the answer.
      All of this is very useful, thank you both!