Setting global fontsize in max8?

    Jun 19 2022 | 3:51 pm
    Just upgraded to max8 and trying to set the global fontsize but can't find it? It appears i can only set the fontsize of the consolewindow in the global preferences.
    Thanks, Luvulongtime!
    (as for max8 after coming from 6: holy shit... hats off to c74!)

    • Jun 20 2022 | 6:32 am
      possible only for max console window and text editing. (jed_fontname and jed_fontsize ) Patch font properties are set in each patch. But you can create default empty template patch with all attributes set to your liking
    • Jun 24 2022 | 9:44 am
      Thanks, i'll go check out the templates. I kinda assumed there was a global parameter for fontsize.. It's weird but for some reason the workspace "feels"? smaller than in 6. Maybe it is the sidebars but i can't help feeling a little claustrophobic when patching.
    • Jun 24 2022 | 10:43 am
      my first schock with gui was jump from max 4 to 5. then it got worse and worse
    • Jun 24 2022 | 3:11 pm
      Yeah, i remember that as well. Although i only used max4 for a couple of months before moving to 5 i remember liking the empty void of a new patch as a way of confronting you with the reality that you really have to build it yourself. I also came from a graphic background and when seeing it for the first time it reminded me of the empty canvas of illustrator except now i could have interactivity, video, 3d and sound even! Needless to say i was hooked immediately...