shared pwindow - not erasing correctly on Windows 10 x64

    Dec 02 2016 | 6:46 am
    Well, I thought I had most of this shared pwindow stuff figured out - was even able to get Syphon & Spout output working perfectly - but when I tested my patch on Windows, I got some very disappointing results. It looks like there is a weird erase bug or something - the drawing looks correct, but it appears the "erase" part is not erasing entirely. Of course, this is just what the issue looks like visually, and actually not have anything to do with the actual issue...
    Here are some screen shots of both platforms - OS X works beautifully:
    Windows - not looking so good:
    Here is a link to album on imgur:
    This is the only rendering issue I have ever faced on Windows.
    Any ideas?
    Environment: Max 7.3.1 (OS X) Max 7.3.1 (x64 Win 10) Mac Pro - Dual AMD D700 - 16GB RAM

    • Dec 02 2016 | 6:57 am
      oops... forgot to post the patch - hopefully I am doing some wrong - and this is not some hard-to-solve issue with my graphics card/windows
    • Dec 14 2016 | 8:11 pm
      So after struggling with this for several weeks - even working with C74 support who were not able to reproduce the problem on their Windows machine - I finally stumbled upon a solution... I don't really understand why it fixed the issue, but I put a in between the and on each of the window nodes (pwindow and jit.window) - and the problem magically went away.
      Note: The problem was only occurring on Windows 10 x64 machines - it did not occur on my Win 7 x64 machine - and even one of the Win 10 machines, it only occurred with certain ratios of scaling between the two shared contexts - but anyway, as soon as I put the in there, the problem disappeared.
      And as a bonus, I added the amazing fxaa.jxs from Rob to give the output some beautiful antialiasing :)
      Here is the final patch with the objects added: