[sharing is defeatism] MOUSE MUSIC - MOUSE MAX

    Aug 21 2010 | 1:32 pm
    hello world.
    did any of you get a chance to check this out? http://www.beam-me.net/art/Shibuya/mousemusic/index.html
    it's an interactive flash noise page produced by keiichiro shibuya, a prominent electronica artist in Japan. it's fun, nice sound, nice design...
    i especially enjoyed the ease of the interactivity. a mouse drawing a rectangle makes the noise. a simple idea but very brilliant.
    directions decide four different noises; left-up >> high noise right-up >> low noise left-down >> sine wave right-down >> cranky noise

    • Aug 21 2010 | 5:44 pm
      great stuff as always :)
    • Aug 21 2010 | 7:54 pm
      brilliant! i love it. (from the video, it seems you wrote it backwards, left-up is not high noise but low noise? and right up is not low noise but high noise? maybe i'm not understanding... but still brilliant!)
    • Aug 22 2010 | 12:06 am
      thanks guys. and you are right. left-up&right-up are the other way around. when you see dots, that's low noise and when you see wave forms that's high noise...
    • Aug 22 2010 | 12:34 am
      great. bug : i've an inifinite list of "expr divide by zero detected" messages.
    • Aug 22 2010 | 10:03 am
      This is great. Thank you very much.
      I've checked your website and found tons of other stuff too. I love the way you always use very small font, you do not care about old people, I like that. Anyway, just to look at your interface, I already listen to beautiful music, I admire... Amazing...I think I'll have loads of fun with [lcd] next five years or so. I am also a fan of R.Ikeda, maybe it's you.
      thank you very much for opening the door to this huge warehouse of inspirations.
      you're a true brother.
      jae ho
    • Aug 23 2010 | 4:21 am
      thank you for kind words...
      >bug : i've an inifinite list of "expr divide by zero detected" messages. yes, i noticed this when i was writing the patch, but at that point i had a little too many [expr]s to figure out which ones causing this... (looks like though there are multiple [expr]s doing this) thanks to the smart design of [expr], it doesn't halt the computations, so i left them alone...
      and yes [lcd] is a fun object, but it you were to spend five years, i'd rather recommend [jit.lcd] or [jsui]. the only reason i use [lcd] is jitter doesn't work on my six-year old computer, and i'm too lazy to learn javascript.
      and no, i'm not ryoji ikeda, although i wish i was. i'm a big fan too. you might want to check this as well. https://cycling74.com/forums/share-two-homage-patches-for-two-japanese-artists
    • Aug 23 2010 | 7:17 am
      Wonderful stuff, love it.
      It seems to be a Max 4 patch. In Max 5 you can simply double click on an error message and it will show you the object causing the message... The divide by zero is happening in the drawnums subpatcher. You feed $i3 as zero, the modulo or div operator will complain...
      expr $i1+($i2*5%($i3/5*5))+1 expr $i1+($i2*5/($i3-0))*6+8
      Its a bit hard to wade through all these expr and if objects. But with that hint you'll catch it for sure...
    • Aug 24 2010 | 1:31 am
      thanks for the hint!
      hmm, probably adding another [if $i1!=0 then $i1] or even [sel 0] will solve this problem...
    • Aug 27 2010 | 5:25 pm
      I in delight from these paches, thanks!) http://www.ondomusic.com/mesa.elech.tele/
    • Aug 30 2010 | 4:17 pm
      thanks... there are more, if you are interested, on main ondomusic site as well. http://ondomusic.com/soft.html more patches to come so please stay tuned...