[sharing is for asswipes] rms->thresh->slide = envelope follower in gen~

    Apr 25 2014 | 6:45 am
    My, you're all looking fresh and dapper this evening. Thanks for comin out!
    In this next part of the 'sharing is for asswipes' series, ( see previous ones here: https://cycling74.com/forums/sharing-is-for-asswipes-anaechowat-a-unique-delay-made-in-gen/ https://cycling74.com/forums/sharing-is-for-asswipes-the-bin-amp-sustainerer/ ) i'd like to present to you, an envelope follower. It is catered to my special needs for an envelope follower with a strict attack-response, but lazy release-response. It is nothing special, therefore no need for explanatory comments in the patch... simply look at the gen~ examples to get most of it: Max6.../examples/gen/gen~.thresh.maxpat and Max6.../examples/gen/gen~.slide.maxpat
    (beyond that is my own version of RMS to help the release stage ignore false-resets caused near zero-crossings... the rms could be more responsive/smoother by extending the duration to more than 96 samples, but to my ear, this sounded like what i needed...)
    Sorry to pollute the forums with this small, insignificant share, but hopefully this will be the last one for awhile, almost done with a new instrument utilizing these 'sharing-is-for-asswipes' gen~ creations... just thought it might be useful for the general forum archive... Thanks for being patient with my skidmarks all over your forums >;D

    • Apr 25 2014 | 7:47 am
      He did it again! Thanks! http://vimeo.com/36126644
    • Apr 25 2014 | 6:29 pm
      ^Loved that! (holy crap, devo plays live exactly the same way as on the album?! in many ways, that's pretty amazing.... just as long as they're not whipping defenseless asian girls on stage every night, haha >;D)
      Thanks for checking it out :)
    • Apr 26 2014 | 4:37 am
      oops, small error. go into gen~ patcher/file, change the '== 94' to '== 95', i got confused by the 'history' object that follows, but it should actually count to 95 before resetting the attached 'accum'. haha... anyways... sorry... this is why this series is best shared as a casually sinking thread on these forums rather than as a toolbox or project ;D