Shuffle and crossfade in playlist~ ?

    Jul 31 2020 | 11:44 pm
    Is there a way to shuffle and crossfade the tracks in a playlist~ object?

    • Aug 01 2020 | 3:05 pm
      Here is a randomized shuffle, not sure if it's possible to do crossfade in playlist
    • Aug 02 2020 | 8:57 am
      to randomise something, one needs a range which works as first. means randomise should not produce number higher than number of tracks. Then to crossfade, you need 2 players, one to play, fade out and stop, next to start and fade in.
    • Aug 02 2020 | 2:26 pm
      Thanks both of you! I found the below crossfade patch on the forums (from that crossfades two tracks. But it doesn't use the playlist~ object so not perfect for me, but maybe helps someone else.
      Banshee, in your example patch, is there a way to trigger the bang to the random object when the playback of a track ends? The 4th outlet of playlist~ is "playback notifications" and prints a "done 1 + {the path to the audio file}" when the track ends. Is there a way to use that information to trigger a bang to send back to the random object?
      Thanks again!
    • Aug 02 2020 | 3:31 pm
      The playlist object is fairly new object and it's a simplified version of sfplay~ or groove~. If the crossfade patch you found on the forum essentially does what you want, i would suggest just building off that until you have the amount of players you want. What you sacrifice using the playlist object is the detailed outputs from the aforementioned objects. So the crossfade patch you found needs the length of the clip's output to trigger the delay to cause the crossfade to begin. To my knowledge, i do not think that is possible to do this with playlist at this point in time (maybe it's something Cycling74 will add in the future).
      The example patch i sent to you i literally just threw it together to show you how i would approach the randomization. In this case, the Random object needs a metro to determine the speed of the random trigger. It was a trick i learned from watching Cycling74's patching examples videos on youtube if you haven't watched them, i would suggest diving in as i found them very helpful.
      Here is another take on it, with manual inputs that perhaps you will find more useful. Hope this helps get you closer to your vision.
    • Aug 02 2020 | 3:50 pm
      choosing to work with playlist will give you more work than if you used populated umenu. as first because playlist can be changed on the fly, draging files onto it, and you need to learn how to extract infos from playlist like number of used tracks, which one is currently playing etc. The patch you posted will not help you much. It is no problem at all to bang random object when one player ends the playback. But back to the plan
      you need 2 identical playlists 1- issue number of tracks to set range for random object (use urn instead of random to avoid repetitions) 2- create a gate which on every playback change sends fade out and stop to curently playing playlist~, and start and fade to oposite playlist~. If you use line~ object to fade you can use the bang it creates when destnation is reached to stop playback when fade out is done. That is a simple part. Next a bit more complicated is to monitor the status of both playlists and if no track is playing, no need to switch and no need to either fade out or in. that would be a challenge here is something to get you going
      I don't like playlist at all... Sometimes it behaves strange, does not report things etc If status does not get updated, one could use signal outlet to determine if any of 2 is playing or not