Simple (!) parse text problem

    Feb 16 2016 | 1:30 pm
    This should be very simple, but i am going around in circles with regexp, so am wondering can somebody help.
    i am trying to strip all the .ogg addresses from a website. I seem able to get the information in the tag, and also able to get any instance of .ogg, but for the life of me cannot get the information that comes before every instance of .ogg.
    anybody help???

    • Feb 16 2016 | 2:17 pm
      Well, is it what you want? It's quite ugly… I'm not very proud… there must be a better way!
    • Feb 16 2016 | 4:10 pm
      hi Patrick. I am not sure, as your version does not seem to print anything!
    • Feb 16 2016 | 4:36 pm
      Well, this is what I get on my system (Max7.1, 64 bits, OSX.9.5) :
      print: /Heathrow_Planes1.ogg print: /aix_provence_ecole_art.ogg print: /cali_valle.ogg print: /chicago_campsherwin.ogg print: /galilee_pennsylvania.ogg print: /gary_gmo_dunes1.ogg print: /le-rove_niolon.ogg print: /london_camberwell.ogg print: /suffolk_coast_Walberswick.ogg
    • Feb 16 2016 | 4:46 pm
      oh i see, that is indeed what i am looking for so thankyou! i will try and solve the problem. I am still on Max 6 (Max 6, 10.7) i wonder if that is making a odd.
      thankyou again though!
    • Feb 16 2016 | 5:00 pm
      i figured it out. In Max 6 the fromsymbol object does not like the @separator argument for some reason.
      As it only takes one argument, i can just use the > and it works perfect. thankyou so much!!