Sizing a new machine dedicated to visuals

    Sep 16 2020 | 5:48 pm
    Hi there, I’m trying to explore setups for a new laptop dedicated to visuals. My i7 mac book will still get everything audio.
    I'd like to get a Windows system also because I'd like to combine max and TD too. My purpose is both playing live and working in studio. I’d prefer a laptop, actually, except if I find a small form factor more powerful machine (that I’d remote control without screen/keyboard eventually)
    My main needs are:
    • lot of polygons and meshes
    • big particles systems (I know cuda based systems are very powerful)
    • textures processing
    • easy on 4K
    I know I’ll need RAM, i7 or even i9, I read about Nvidia Quadro. But I’m asking myself if I should do i9 and maybe not the most powerful Nvidia Quadro VS i7 and the most powerful Nvidia Quadro, things like that…
    I know this kind of thread is eternally never ending, but I’d appreciate some references, or experiences or just ideas.
    My budget is around 3k€.
    Any ideas, references, would be very appreciated.

    • Sep 16 2020 | 7:35 pm
      Lenovos workstation laptops have similar specs to what you describe for just over 3K. and i think that gets u i9. Can I ask why quadro over a gaming graphics like rtx? I have only seen a couple posts discussing this in the forum, one seemed to mention that max couldnt support cuda and another seemed to express the benefits, of quadro but i cant find the benefits one.
    • Sep 17 2020 | 9:01 am
      Hi Dante Lentz and thanks for your message. As far as I imagine, fastest CPU is required here and yes I read about quadro vs geforce debate, a bit.
      nvidia would be required if I also combine TouchDesigner with Max, for instance. I don't know about future cuda/nvidia ways with Jitter...