snapshots and loading .amxds

    Dec 20 2016 | 8:36 pm
    I'm trying to create a situation where I can load various files into an .amxd and have the files recall their snapshots. For example, imagine one amxd~ object with two messages attached to it: "patchername "Dual Harmonizer.amxd"" and "patchername Comber.amxd". If I perform the following steps: -- load the Comber -- save a couple of snapshots -- load the Harmonizer -- reload the Comber
    The Comber snapshots I saved are no longer there.
    This is in the context of a project, so all of the .maxsnap files are saved in the data file of the project. I can understand why this _doesn't_ work -- I assume that the Comber gets a unique name each time it's reinstantiated -- but it would be kind of cool if it did. Maybe there's some clever workaround I don't know of?
    I'd also be in favor of creating a message to amxd~ that would look for all the snapshots with a particular device name, and load them into that device. It would also be cool to export the current state as a raw dictionary rather than embedded into a .maxsnap file -- then you could save those somewhere & load them in as needed. A bit more flexible.
    Obviously, I can work around this by loading both of them and routing my audio with selector~, but memory issues, etc....
    Any wisdom appreciated!