Stackoverflow (FeedbackLoopDetector)

    Apr 29 2020 | 6:59 pm
    Hi guys,
    Is there a way to see the stack size used by max patcher or to increaes the stack size? Background:
    for now it is an academic approach: I built a feedback loop detector for signal flow matrix.
    But i get sporadic stack overflow errors. At the moment i can not reproduce these errors, For a max device it has releative high stack usage and in the editor the errors occure more rarely than inside ableton live. Inside the max editor all my testcases succeed. But in Live environment i sometimes can not set a single dot in the matrix. This is why i have the feeling these stack overflow errors are false-positive. (Still need to investigate in this but atm it's difficult since i can not reproduce and occur only in live environment)
    PS: Here's the device:

    • Apr 30 2020 | 5:30 pm
      Sorry, to state that clearly:
      - Inside max editor everything is fine - Inside Ableton Live those stack overflow errors occur immediately yet on the first recursion.
      So recursion feature of max seems to be disabled in max for live ?!