Stream Android Camera to Max

    Jan 29 2017 | 9:43 pm
    Hi there,
    i try to get the live video from a android camera to my max (on win10). i already get a rtsp stream with with qt engine but i was wondering if there is a better way to do it via vidll or anything else. (better means less latency = current latency is > 3 sec).
    thanks in advance.

    • Jan 30 2017 | 6:16 pm
    • Jan 31 2017 | 1:34 am
      no idea, but interested in the topic
    • Jan 31 2017 | 6:00 pm
      a couple of possibilities found with quick google search:
    • Feb 08 2017 | 10:21 am
      works with OFXJitterNetworkSender:
      @Rob: I'm not on OSX and i wanted to work with MAXMSP and not with Skype or Windows Live ;)