Switching to MIRA from other apps causes audio dropouts


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    Philip Mantione
    Sep 04 2016 | 2:35 pm
    First time posting here. Have a gig on Saturday so I'm hoping to figure this out.
    I'm using: Ableton Live 9 MacBook Pro 2.8 i7 with OS 10.11.5 MAX 7.2.3 with Mira iPAD Air 2 (model MGTX2LL/A) with OS 9.3.4 iConnect Audio4+ Interface
    Using MIRA to control both a Stand-alone Max patch and a custom M4L device in Ableton.
    Works great! Except, when I change apps on the iPad I get a momentary audio dropout on any audio files being played by Ableton as well as live inputs. I have tried a straight WiFi internet connection and a local network...same result.
    It's almost as if MIRA has to reconnect whenever I change apps. I looked for a "run in background" setting but did not see one. Other apps allow flawless switching without dropouts.
    Am I doing something wrong?