The future of cv.jit / openCV in Max?

    Jan 30 2017 | 12:26 am
    Many of my projects use face tracking, but i often find myself using Quartz Composer's Detector patch to get coordinate/positions and send those over OSC to my Max patch.
    cv.jit.faces is very rudimentary and can only really track a face if it's looking directly at the camera. Any tilting or turning of the head screws up the tracking. I know the cv package is actually a 3rd party developer, but according to his website, Cycling74 took a part in bringing the latest update to it, almost two years ago. Is there any indication that progress can be made to improve Max's OpenCV support? When giving my max-created standalone for an installation, its easier if it's all within that app, instead of having to ask the venue to also run this quartz/cocoa app alongside it to do some hidden face tracking.
    maybe support for Intel's Real Sense camera could be possible.