Threaded file loading

    Feb 21 2012 | 7:49 pm
    Hey all!
    Recently in another post I started asking about the ability to load a file into [] in a way that wouldn't lock up my patch for a small amount of time.
    I had a really useful suggestion by gavspav to use the java object found at the bottom of the following post to load the file inside a new thread.
    Whilst this does seem to work, my Java skills are somewhat old (read forgotten), and so I have been looking for other (more Max style) solutions. After thinking about it for a while, I remember reading that each top level patcher runs in it's own thread. Perfect! So I tried making the attached patches to see if it fixed the problem. And it seems it didn't :( If you open both patches and start the metro, you will notice the smooth animation of the videoplane is always interrupted upon a file load.
    I guess this is more a question for the cycling folks, but I'm wondering a) why does loading a file via quicktime (both read/asyncread into [] and also import into [buffer~]) always seem to lock up both the patch interface _and_ also processing such as OpenGL etc during the read operation? b) how come if each top level patcher runs in it's own thread, does the included sample not work like the ThreadedMoviePlayer java object as mentioned above?
    I hope that all actually makes sense?
    Many thanks