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All combinations in a range of numbers with repetitions

Feb 25 2016 | 11:03 am

Hi all,
I had to create a new topic because my last one didn’t have results, and I need some help on this.
So I’ll put this in a simpler mode:
I need to create all possible combinations of parameters of a vst and store it in a coll. My Vst has 60 parameters with ranges of 0. to 1.
I know that even with the increment of 0.1 I’ll make a huge data bank. So I’m deviding each parameter by 5 (increment of 0.2) what resumes in 777 600 000 possibilities.
I don’t want to create a counter per parameter because I want the system to be open and adapt to different vst’s. I’ve tried different approaches, no results.

Any ideas? Is js better for this?
Thank you all

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