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MaxMsp CoreAudio driver not working with MOTU sound card under Snow Leopard

Jan 07 2010 | 10:04 pm

I have MOTU traveler, latest driver (1.5), latest firmware 1.07.
Working perfectly with Cubase 4, Quicktime Player, …

I play something under Cubase.

Now, If I start MaxMsp 5.1.1, or an application made with MaxMsp 5.08 or MaxMsp 4.6.3, when I switch ON audio, the audio output is destroyed.
Few clics, beeps, high frequencies, nothing else. Even the Cubase output is diseapearing…

If I switch OFF audio in MaxMsp, sound coming from Cubase is coming again.

If on MaxMsp, while audio is ON and not working, I change from CoreAudio to buildin output, then automatically, sound is coming from buildin output and Cubase sound restart working.
If I change back MaxMsp to coreaudio, stops again the audio and replace it by high beeps, …

Anyone having an idea?

PS: See this old post

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