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Time Shift

Apr 07 2012 | 3:38 am


I am trying to stretch and compress audio files without changing the frequency of the file. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Apr 07 2012 | 10:19 am

Ah, this old chestnut :)

Look in your Max examples folder under "synthesis" for a patch called "granularized" and explore the subpatch called rgrano; it may melt your head trying to understand HOW it works but it does exactly this kind of thing. Also, search this forum with keywords like "timestretch", "granulation" etc for loads of user-examples including my own humble offering:

Of course, granulation isn’t the only option; J.F. Charles built a collection of tools for spectral-domain processing, which btw f*ckin rule:

and there are of course non-Max based tools too (ProTools, Cubase, Logic etc).


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