Translating jit.expr expression to jit.gen patch

    Mar 10 2022 | 3:15 pm
    Hello, I am trying to translate this expression to jit.gen, but not success.
    jit.expr @expr in[0].p[1]*0.12+0.05 in[0].p[1]*0.12+0.05 0.
    I took this from an old patch posted on "Physics patch a day . I do not understand, why is in[0].p[1]*0.12+0.05 written twice, and then, the second time , it has a 0. at the end of the expression.
    Could you please someone help to translate it into jit.gen? Thanks guys

    • Mar 11 2022 | 8:54 am
      Hi Sabina, every time you see a space in a jit.expr object, it means its filling the following plane in the output matrix. So: in[0].p[1]*0.12+0.05 >> fills plane 0 in[0].p[1]*0.12+0.05 >> fills plane 1 0 >> fills plane 2, I didn't look at the patch you mention but I guess this is filling a Z value to be 0. Here's the jit.gen translation:
    • Mar 11 2022 | 9:40 am
      Hello Federico, I really appreciate your help on this one. You've been doing an amazing job with Amazing Max Stuff :)