Trying to send different resolution images through jit.glue

    Feb 09 2012 | 3:48 am
    My project: I'm doing an installation using projection on 3D objects, so I'm using jitter syphoned to MadMapper. MadMapper can only accept one input source at a time, so when i syphon the images to it, they need to be all glued together. All the images are different resolutions, but the glue object seems to be conformed to a series of 640x480 images (perhaps due to my first input being that resolution). So when I send a different resolution image to it, it's get distorted pixelated and stretched.
    1) I tried using @adapt with the and the image turns black... not sure what is happening there. 2) I tried using @adapt with jit.glue but it doesn't do anything.
    I'm either a) forgetting about some attributes b) doing something that cannot be done, but can also be done easier with other objects c) all of the above.

    • Feb 09 2012 | 3:24 pm
      Try outputting each of your textures on separate videoplanes. If you're uncomfortable with opengl, try using jit.concat.
    • Feb 09 2012 | 3:52 pm
      Hmmm, yah, pretty uncomfortable with opengl. Been checking out the help file on jit.concat, and i understand how it works and it seems like it is set dimensions, but i need to have it to read the image file and essentially @adapt to it, but I cannot figure out how to include that attribute.
      but the more I think about it, if i'm sending different resolutions constantly, it will mess up my pre-determined projection mapping.
      I guess the thing I'm struggling with is my image getting downsized somewhere along the line, so that when i expand it on my projection it is all pixelized.
      I'll include my patch. the image uploads are in the bottom right. For now you'll have to manually connect them to the jit.glue because i have yet to discover a send~ type object for jitter.
      ...still working through the tutorials.