Tutorials on Audio Classification and Synthesiser Control with Neural Networks

    Nov 02 2021 | 6:19 pm
    Hi all,
    I am one of the members of the Fluid Corpus Manipulation team (https://www.flucoma.org). My wonderful colleague, Ted Moore, has put together two video tutorials. These tutorials demonstrate practically how you can use the FluCoMa toolkit in Max to patch together an audio classifier and a novel synthesiser controller. Under the hood this taps into the mysterious and fun world of neural networks, machine listening and some light data science.
    These are the two videos: Regression: https://youtu.be/3XSy297v9vk Classification: https://youtu.be/_QGQE-1RX-o
    They are aimed at total beginners and assume only that you would have some Max patching skills (making objects, connecting them up). For the already experts out there we hope that these videos might serve as a quick refresher and may entice you to get your hands dirty in the FluCoMa-verse.
    We're very interested in how these materials can be enriching for the wider community. If they resonated with you please feel free to get in touch at:
    j.bradbury@hud.ac.uk or t.moore@hud.ac.uk
    Similarly we have a public discourse at https://discourse.flucoma.org where you can chat about all things FluCoMa and beyond.