useful global commands to max (which I don't think exist?)

    Apr 16 2018 | 4:49 pm
    There are a few things I would find incredibly useful, but don't know how to implement. If anyone knows how to do these I think many people would find them useful... Here are a few....
    1.) Get a list of paths to all open patches - I have a serious "tab" problem. In my browser I will often save all tabs, so that I can start fresh. In max I often have dozens of patches open and would like to be able to save a list of them all at once so I can get a fresh start.
    2.) Related to above it would be really nice to send an enable 0 message to all running jit.worlds/jit.renders.
    3.) Be able to reset all solo'd and/or muted audio patches. Also, on another note, soloing audio doesn't seem to fully disable audio in the other patches as far as UI stuff goes (the mac killer).
    Thanks everyone!