Using a vst sequencer inside Max standalone


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    Apr 08 2019 | 8:07 pm
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    I'm trying to use this vst MIDI sequencer with another vst synth inside Max. Tried to figure how to patch it up myself with no luck so I went searching and found this post and this patch:
    So, without fully understanding the entire patch I loaded up my vst's and was surprised I got sound. The issue is, once I click on transport, the sequencer starts but only sequences for one bar, then stops.
    For those that have some experience with this, why is this happening? How would I patch this up to get it to sequence properly? Also, when running the transport, if I turn it on and off it will sequence through all the steps, but I have to turn it on and off so that's not useful. :)
    Patch and screenshot attached.

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      Roman Thilenius
      Apr 09 2019 | 1:36 am
      plug-ins with sequencers usually make use of host synchronisation, which doesnt happen with vst~ for a good reason. when you have luck you can simply turn it off in a plug-in and use a BPM value instead.
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      Apr 09 2019 | 1:55 am
      Thank you, that's helps. I will look into turning host sync off in the plug-in and add some code to the patch. I might just have my first project. :D Thanks again.