Using Observers in M4L JS, stability issue

    Dec 14 2015 | 5:45 pm
    Dear Cycling Team,
    I was wondering if you could provide any information about a problem I'm having with an M4L device I'm making with a JS embedded to control some API aspects.
    I have a few clip observers made in JS to keep track of the markers and loop points. I'm also observing notes. Sometimes some commands to manipulate the loop or notes will cause the observers to stop, and I have to re-init the js. Do you have anything in mind that might create this conflict? Might it be between objects/observers in the max environment vs the js? I don't use any of the same observers in the max environment that I have in the js. I've been trying to narrow down what the causes could be but it still seems random at this point.
    Thanks for any info and ideas you may have regarding this.