Variable Linking of Objects

    Nov 14 2017 | 12:17 am
    Hey there,
    I want to do the following thing: I have 10 knobs (live.dial) in max msp and it I want the option to link one of them to one or several of the other knobs to receive its data. Each knob will have three modes: "solo", "link to A" and "link to B".
    e.g.: If three of the ten knobs have the "link to A" mode activated. Those three shall share their data. Last send value of one knob, which has the mode "link to A" activated, will be send to all other knobs, which have "link to A" activated. Same procedure for "link to B". "solo" stays solo.
    I think its a basic thing. "Group Syncing" or how ever you may call that.
    But how to program that in max msp? I had a quick look on "thispatcher" with the "connect" and "disconnect" feature/skript but didnt appear as a good path so far...
    Thanks in advance! T

    • Nov 14 2017 | 3:16 pm
      Hi Tillfly, [thispatcher] scripting would work, but using a [router] object (one for all ten knobs) or a [switch] for each knob seem more straightforward.
      Cheers, Tyler