Video Installation Advice

    Jan 13 2013 | 8:30 pm
    Hi! i'm making a video installation for a show coming up in a few weeks and was wondering if Max/Jitter might be able to make it work for me it needs to take streaming video from in front of the gallery, detect motion of the things that pass by it (people, cars, etc), then mask them out and layer them into an existing video being projected inside the gallery here's a one minute demo i sent to the gallerist, pword: GHOSTS the functions are pretty simple: detect motion, mask, reduce opacity, colorize, loop i just don't know how to make a program that does it using streaming video will Max be able to do this? do you have any tips as to how i could achieve this? i have no idea how to make video programs so any advice will be infinitely appreciated. thank you!

    • Jan 14 2013 | 12:02 am
      Yes, with Jitter you can do all this pretty easily. I can suggest you to start having a look at tutorials in order to understand Max/Jitter's logic, then search into the forum: I guess every "building block" (masking, looping, motion detection, color control) of your installation has been discussed tons of times, so you can find lots of examples to get started.